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The trip starts by the local Tourist Information Office and goes along Jedności Narodowej Street to Skwer Radiowej Trójki [Radio Three Square]. In the middle of the square there is a sculpture of The Ghost of The Mountains – The Ruler of The Karkonosze. Having obtained the Ghost’s permission to continue the trip we can move along 1 Maja Street passing by the town centre. Heading towards the chair lift to The Szrenica Mountain it is worth to stop by the Stone Circle which idea provider and author is Mr Zbigniew Frączkiewicz, the local artist. Moving further along Kilińskiego Street we can visit The Mineralogical Museum where minerals from all over the world, different fossils, a dinosaur’s skeleton and a fragment of Carboniferous wood have been provided for visitors. Next we go past Marianki Rocks and The Karkonoskie Centre of Ecological Education. It is a modern, interactive and multimedia centre where a lot of interesting curiosities may be learned about The Karkonosze Mountains. Next we have to follow the black trail which leads us to Rozdroże [The Crossroads] at the foot of Kamieńczyk. We have to change the trail to a red one which takes us straight to Kamieńczyk Waterfalls. Its gorge can be entered only in protective head helmets! There is a hostel by the waterfalls where a snack may be enjoyed. On the way back we take the red trail, go past the crossroads at the foot of Kamieńczyk and keep following the red trail till we reach the car park by Czeska Szosa and take the direction towards Krucze Skały by which the Mountain School QUASAR, specializing in mountain climbing, is situated. The trip ends in the point where it started, i.e. by the Tourist Information Office.
Trip time (excluding time spent in museums) about 2 hours.