Szklarska Poreba as one of the few Polish cities has excellent conditions for a wonderful sport - dog-sled rides. The routes and roads in the Jizera Mountains are particularly suitable for this, as winter weather lasts even until late spring. Another advantage is the unique, alpine climate in our region, in which the northern breeds of dogs feel at home.

In March 2003, sports event in sled with the rank of the WSA European Championship were held for the first time in Poland at routes of Jakuszyce in Szklarska Poreba.

In the following years the development of important events such as competitions in the WSA European Cup Final in 2004, and 1st Polish Championship in Sled Dog Sports Association in the Sprint and medium-distance in 2006 took place. A significant event in our cross-country routes was also the World Junior Championship (2007).

We have recently hosted in Szklarska Poreba the mushers participating in the "Husqvarna Tour" - a few days of the medium-distance race classified as ESDRA European Cup.

As pointed out by subject matter expert Radosław Ekwiński (member of the Polish Association of Dog-Sled Sports) - "The Dog Sled Competition in the beautiful outdoors Jakuszycka Glade gives players the opportunity to observe the struggles and their dogs, attractive starts, exciting finishes, dog sled demonstrations in Alaskan style, ideal for photographing and video and audio clips during the races and during the preparation and cheering."

It is a very spectacular sport, passionate and full of positive emotions. The most important characteristic of the spirit of this discipline are the people and their best friends - dogs.

It is worth to see sled dog races, it's worth a ride in a sleigh pulled by these beautiful animals devoted to their owners, which run long distances in the snow and serve man makes a lot of fun.

Anyone who wants to feel like being in Alaska, among the rush of white on a sleigh pulled by dogs, can do so from December to March in Szklarska Poreba - Jakuszyce.

The ride takes place on a special wooden sled adapted for journeys with loads of goods and passengers. Our four-legged friends come from northern dog breeds and dogs are the Greenland and Husky.

The route followed by dog sled begins almost in the center of Szklarska Poreba, it is next to the Izer Granite mine in the glassworks district and leads in the direction of Jakuszyce - recurs at Red Brook.

We invite you to take advantage of this unprecedented attraction!